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College football fans in the Northwest can rejoice. Some of their teams will apparently grace the gridiron later this fall.

The Pacific-12 athletic conference, which includes Washington State and Washington, has announced that its teams will play football this fall, after all. The season had been cancelled because of the risks of players spreading Covid to other players.

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Whitman County public health authorities today [Monday] reported one new Covid case. This comes after a weekend in which a two-day flurry produced 69 new cases, all of them in the age group that indicate college students or other young adults.

Spokane County Health Officer Bob Lutz says he's working with leaders of the Spokane-based institutions to help them avoid what has happened at Washington State University’s Pullman campus.

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The grand experiment begins Monday for at least three Inland Northwest colleges and universities. Washington State, the University of Idaho and North Idaho College will begin their first academic year in the coronavirus age.

All of the institutions have plans on how to put in place various safety procedures, including distancing, temperature checks and mask requirements. And all plan a mix of online and in-class instruction.

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Washington State University researchers have released results of a survey with police officers about their experiences since the state legalized recreational marijuana.

Dr. Mary Stohr is a professor of criminal justice and criminology. She says she and her colleagues conducted focus groups with 48 officers from nine policing agencies around Washington. Two main themes emerged.

Cheez-It Bowl

The two weeks around Christmas and New Year’s Day are like heaven for college football fans. This year, there are 40 post-season bowl games. Those are a reward for teams that finish their seasons with winning or break-even records.

Washington State is one of 78 teams rewarded with an extra game. This evening [Friday] the Cougars will make their final appearance of the season.

WSU Unveils New Mobile Health Coach

Oct 9, 2019
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Washington State University today [Wednesday] unveiled a new mobile health unit that will travel the state and provide care for people, especially in rural areas.

The mobile unit has two exam rooms and a medication dispensary. Faculty members and students from the colleges of medicine, nursing and pharmacy will provide care.

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Today on the Inland Journal podcast, researchers around the country are finding there are often links between socio-economic status and health. Families with more means are more able to afford better quality food, for example, and to have better recreational opportunities. Families with fewer means often live in areas where they don’t have access to fresh, high quality food. Often, their diets are, by economic necessity, higher in carbohydrates, fats and calories.

WSU researchers recently released a study that reinforces some of those points.

Courtesy Spokane Regional Health District

Researchers around the country are finding there are often links between socio-economic status and health. WSU researchers have found a similar story in Spokane. They recently released a study that includes basic data collected by the Spokane School District.

WSU Clinic Treats Pets And Their Owners

Feb 25, 2019
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When pet owners take their animals to the vet, it’s not often they can also get care for themselves. But Washington State University has introduced a “Healthy People, Healthy Pets” clinic that allows animal owners to take care of two things at once at no cost. The latest day was Friday.

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Washington State University officials Tuesday announced the establishment of a center to provide care and cures for those with brain disease.

WSU Health Sciences Spokane announced the new Steve Gleason Institute for Neuroscience, named after the former WSU and NFL star who was diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease ALS in 2011.

Washington State University

Washington State University researcher Dedra Buchwald is involved in studies related to health concerns in several demographic groups.

Buchwald is a professor in the WSU College of Medicine. She’s the director of IREACH, the Initiative for Research and Education to Advance Community Health.

“We are a big unit that is focused on education and research across a number of populations, such as rural, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and other underserved populations nationwide, but especially here in eastern and central Washington,” Buchwald said.

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For several years, Washington State University researchers have been looking at how fatigue affects the way we perform, especially in the workplace. They’ve worked with companies in the transportation industry. They’ve worked with the military. They’ve worked with policing agencies.

And now Dr. Lois James is turning her attention to nurses.

Pets, People Get Care At WSU Spokane Clinic

Jan 26, 2018
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When your pet needs medical attention, you take it to the veterinarian. When you need health care, you go to your doctor. But rarely do the two mix. Today (Friday) they did mix on the Washington State University Spokane campus with a one-day Healthy People, Healthy Pets clinic.

Sleep Becoming A More Visible Topic With The Public

Nov 22, 2017
Washington State University

Scientists are trying to understand why animals, including human beings, sleep. There’s more to it than just simply resting a tired body.

Researchers at the Sleep and Performance Research Center at Washington State University Spokane (above) are wrestling with some of its basic mechanisms. They’re also testing their hypotheses about how tired people perform in industries such as policing and transportation.

Washington State University

In Stevens County in northeast Washington, there’s an effort brewing to build a more robust local food industry.

“And especially with the world, at least Washington state and the whole West Coast, moving toward a trend in local food, it seems like now is a really great time to sort of reestablish our area as a major supplier to Spokane,” said Nils Johnson, extension coordinator in the WSU Extension Office in Stevens County. He’s also part of the Community Agriculture Development Center in Colville.

Streetlight Sensors Measure Spokane Air Quality

Aug 10, 2017

For the last several days, you’ve seen with your own eyes the wildfire smoke that is hovering over our region. But other sets of ‘eyes’ have also been ‘seeing’ that smoke and taking samples of it. Among those ‘eyes’ are three sensors that sit on the tops of streetlight poles in Spokane’s University District. Brian Lamb, a professor of atmospheric research at Washington State University, says all of the sensors are showing elevated levels of particulates from the smoke.

But, Lamb says, when the smoke is gone, the sensors show some interesting air quality differences that confirm the phenomenon that we know as microclimates.

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A new study by WSU researchers has found that toxic effects of exposure to mercury in fish can be passed on to later generations.

The WSU School of Biological Sciences study looked at zebrafish that were exposed to very low levels of methylmercury, which occurs in nature when mercury is metabolized by small organisms.

It found that the toxic effects of exposure were passed on not only to their offspring, but also the third generation of zebrafish.

The toxic effects were neurological and included abnormal locomotion, impaired vision, and hyperactivity.

WA Governor Inslee Busy Signing Bills

Apr 27, 2017

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has been busy this week and last doing an essential function of his job: signing bills into law.

Most of them are targeted and will have a small impact.