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As drought conditions continue in Washington State, dry conditions and stagnating water are starting to impact Eastern Washington’s White Tail Deer population.

According to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, 50 deer have died outside of Colfax in the last few weeks from two drought related illnesses.

Two diseases are impacting Washington’s White Tail deer population this summer, Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease – or EHD and Blue Tongue.

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Spring means there are a number of new baby animals in the great outdoors.

But experts warn that it's not a good idea to try to care for any animals you assume have been abandoned.

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Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife is asking people to temporarily take down their bird feeders because of a salmonella outbreak.

Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman Staci Lehman says sick birds are being reported all over the region. The initial reports came in at first from the west side of the state, but after an online page was set up to take reports of sick birds.

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You can add the Spokane Audubon Society onto the list of those upset with the armed occupation of the bird sanctuary in Eastern Oregon.

The Spokane chapter of the Audubon society is weighing into the controversy over the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. Former president Kim Thorburn says the Audubon society of Portland did a great deal of work with US President Teddy Roosevelt to put together the reserve about 100 years ago:

The National Park Service is not liable for the death of a hiker killed five years ago by an aggressive mountain goat in the Olympic National Park.

Biologists Get All the Opinions They Can Bear

Jun 15, 2015

A sure-fire way to spark lively opinions in Washington State is to ask about wolves, or right now, grizzly bears. The National Park Service and the US Fish and Wildlife did just that to find out about public perceptions of a bear restoration proposal.

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City of Coeur d'Alene

A wildlife story which began happily in Coeur d'Alene's McEuen Park has ended sadly. Several weeks ago, a pair of migrating osprey moved into a nesting platform high above the city park, doing everything necessary to start a new family.

Osprey Arrive to Their Coeur d'Alene Nests

Apr 19, 2015
Bird Camera
City of Coeur d'Alene

As expected, ospreys have arrived in Coeur d'Alene to take over nesting platforms perched high above McEuen Park. But as of Sunday, only one of three platforms 70 feet above the park was spoken for. An osprey pair has called dibs on the south nest.

The daffodils and tulips are up and so are hungry black bears. Our unseasonably mild winter is bringing black bears out of hibernation earlier than usual.

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Conservation groups filed a lawsuit against the U-S Department of Agriculture Tuesday over killing wolves in Washington state. The state is home to 13 packs, which threaten livestock in some communities.

Wolf Lawsuit Prompted by Alpha Female Kill in 2014

Mar 3, 2015
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The lawsuit against the USDA’s Wildlife Services program stemmed from a wolf kill last year. The Western Environmental Law Center sued the federal program yesterday. Gray wolves are endangered statewide according to Washington’s listing, but only endangered in western Washington by federal standards. That leaves jurisdiction of the eastern third of the state up to state officials.

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A spokeswoman for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says a recent study on wolf depredation probably won’t change the departments current policy. Currently, department policy in the event of wolves killing livestock is to use every manner of non-lethal deterrent to protect rancher’s animals. But they do have the option of killing wolves, and in one past instance killed all the members of a problem wolf pack.

Spokane Birders Aid in Annual Avian Census

Dec 29, 2014
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Dozens of hardy Spokane area residents strapped on  boots, parkas and binoculars Sunday before dawn and fanned out across miles of new snow to perform an annual ritual - the Christmas bird count. The Spokane Audubon Society event was part of the 115th annual nationwide count - the longest-running wildlife census in the world.

A bird rarely seen in North America has turned a small bay on the Oregon Coast into a major destination for bird watchers this winter.

The discovery of avian flu in chickens and turkeys in British Columbia is prompting Washington state officials to take steps to protect against the spread of the virus. An outbreak of avian flu in British Columbia's Fraser valley has resulted in seven countries, including the US, putting trade restrictions on imports of poultry products.

Both Oregon and Washington’s state forestry departments had hoped to try out drones this summer to provide reconnaissance at wildfire scenes. But neither firefighting agency managed to pull it off. Now both plan to try again next year.

Wildlife Director Defends Wolf Hunting Decision

Sep 30, 2014

The head of Washington's fish and wildlife agency may find himself on a hot-seat next Tuesday in Colville. The topic is wolves, and the Department of Fish and Wildlife's decision to kill some wolves preying on sheep.

Washington State wildlife managers must try to pull off a delicate balancing act in overseeing wolves. Although wolves lost federal protection under the endangered species act in 2011, they're still protected under Washington State law.

Big rig truck drivers are accustomed to getting the stink-eye and rude gestures from other drivers on the freeway, but one Washington long-haul driver is getting much nicer recognition in Spokane. He's being hailed as a genuine hero by the state.

Jason Lucas, who works for Swift Transportation in Newport, is credited with protecting and assisting a woman who crashed head-long into a deer on I-90 near Spokane last May - probably even saving her life. It was morning rush hour - heavy traffic streaming into Spokane - when Ramona Sheppard noticed Lucas's big truck slowing.

Fish and Wildlife officials say a sheep herd that has lost members to a wolf pack in Stevens County is being moved to another area to stop the depredation. The local cattleman's association is not happy with that action.

The Washington department of Fish and Wildlife has authorized killing several members of a wolf pack that have been preying on Sheep in Stevens County. Fish and Wildlife officials say the Huckleberry wolf pack is believed responsible for the death of 22 sheep in an area between Hunters and Springdale, Northwest of Spokane.

The Carlton Complex of fires has consumed 300 homes in north-central Washington, according to the Okanogan County sheriff Friday. It’s too soon for many people to know what they lost in the fire, including homes, orchards, livestock, or pets. Fire spokesperson Joni Quarnstrom says other counties have stepped in to help.

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has voted unanimously to oppose creation of a national monument in the spectacular Boulder-White Clouds region of the Sawtooth Mountains. The reason? They fear loss of state control of fishing, hunting and ATV rules.