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On Tuesday, Mt. Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park won a Washington State Supreme Court ruling that will allow its planned expansion to move forward.

Some conservation groups, including The Lands Council, had opposed the expansion saying it would impact wildlife habitat and the character of old growth forest.

A sure-fire way to spark lively opinions in Washington State is to ask about wolves, or right now, grizzly bears. The National Park Service and the US Fish and Wildlife did just that to find out about public perceptions of a bear restoration proposal.

City leaders in Sandpoint have signed on to a resolution that supports recovery of mountain caribou. Only a handful of the creatures are thought to inhabit the Selkirk mountains on the US side of the border.

Gray Wolf stock photo
USFWS: Tracy Brooks / USFWS Flickr

Conservation groups filed a lawsuit against the U-S Department of Agriculture Tuesday over killing wolves in Washington state. The state is home to 13 packs, which threaten livestock in some communities.

The US Forest Service plans to restore a rugged, scenic corner of far northeastern Idaho by re-introducing an imperiled tree which once carpeted that entire region. The roadless, steep area known as Lightning Creek near Clark Fork on the eastern shore of Lake Pend Oreille has been a candidate for restoration ever since ferocious floods devastated it in 2006.

Flickr user USFWS: https://www.flickr.com/photos/usfwshq/sets/72157644568160740/

Washington State Fish and Wildlife officials say they believe a wolf or wolves are responsible for the death of 3 sheep in Whitman county. The killings happened north of the Town of Lamont near the Whitman/Lincoln county line. This marks the first time wolf attacks have occurred in this region in decades.

Ferry County in far northeast Washington has lost another battle in a long legal war against the state's Growth Management Act. Judges of the Washington State Court of Appeals were sympathetic to Ferry County's plight in trying to adhere to wildlife protection mandates of the Growth Management Act, but they ruled, nonetheless, that county overseers came up short - again.

The rural, sparsely populated county has had an ongoing conflict with the state since at least 1997 with one showdown after another over threatened species and habitat protections.

A Boise high-tech company thinks it can help solve an old, low-tech problem - road collisions between vehicles and wildlife. The Sloan Security Technologies Company is talking with Idaho Transportation Department and Blaine County officials about installing mobile animal radar detection systems on a bad stretch of highway near Ketchum.

Fish and Wildlife officials say a sheep herd that has lost members to a wolf pack in Stevens County is being moved to another area to stop the depredation. The local cattleman's association is not happy with that action.

While airborne hunters try to track and kill at least four wolves in Stevens County which are under a death sentence because of sheep depredation, a hunt will also be underway for a lone wolf in Oregon, But in the case of the world's most famous wolf, the idea is to re-collar him, not kill him.