Courtesy of Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition

Many families have spent the last year isolated, struggling with unemployment and under intense stress. All of those are risk factors for domestic violence.

Current job data show that women were more likely to have lost their jobs during the pandemic then men. That puts women in abusive relationships in difficult, or sometimes dangerous situations.   

Morgan Colburn is the Director of Counseling, Advocacy and Outreach at YWCA Spokane.

Domestic Violence Activist Speaks in Spokane

Feb 12, 2019
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

One of the leading voices in the gender violence debate says men need to play a more vocal role in speaking out against domestic violence and people who abuse their partners.

Jackson Katz made the case to a large crowd at Gonzaga University Monday night and at a smaller gathering in Spokane on Tuesday.

Janine Latus

Janine Latus's personal story is intertwined with the story of her younger sister Amy, who was killed by a former boyfriend. No one knew that Amy had been battered. Latus wrote about that as a way to bring attention to domestic and intimate partner violence. Her book is called “If I Am Missing or Dead.” In it, there’s a chilling scene in which Latus and her family members discover a clue that unraveled Amy’s secret troubles. Latus was the keynote speaker at today's YWCA Women of Achievement Award luncheon.

YWCA Spokane Names Seven 'Women of Achievement'

Sep 28, 2017
YWCA Spokane

Today (Thursday) YWCA Spokane honored seven ‘Women of Achievement’ during its annual luncheon ceremony at the Davenport Grand Hotel. Among those receiving awards this year are:
    ▪    artist and educator Gina Freuen for arts and culture;
    ▪    Wendle Motors owner Kristin Goff in the business and industry category;
    ▪    Patricia O’Connell Killen from Gonzaga University for education;
    ▪    and Heather Rosentrater from Avista in the science, technology and environment category.

The other three recipients are Ellen Robey (Lifetime Achievement Award), Mary DeLateur (Community Enhancement Award) and Julie Repp (Carl Maxey Racial and Social Justice Award).