Zorba Paster

Spokane Public Radio would like to thank everyone involved in the live Dr. Zorba Paster Call-In, hosted by Doug Nadvornick. You can find the recipe mentioned on air below.

A special thanks to Dr. Zorba Paster who graciously agreed to do this special program just for our listeners when our annual Thank You event had to be cancelled.

Wisconsin Public Radio

In celebration of SPR's 40th anniversary and of everyone who has supported us for so many years, we will be airing an exclusive, live broadcast call-in show with Dr. Zorba Paster on September 24, 6 p.m. on both KPBX 91.1 and KSFC 91.9.

Dr. Paster will talk about current health topics including COVID-19, vaccine work, and take your phone calls. Zorba may even have a recipe to pass on. The call-in show will be hosted by Doug Nadvornick. 

Zorba Paster
Janean Jorgensen / Spokane Public Radio

"America's Favorite Family Doc" enjoyed his visit to Spokane very much, and showed his appreciation for the warm welcome both in his evening talk and on his Facebook page. The host of Zorba Paster On Your Health spoke at the Bing on Thursday, October 9 at 7 p.m. on his 5-4-3-2-1 steps for a healthier life, answered health questions, and signed autographs afterwards.

Zorba Paster will be LIVE in the KPBX studio this Thursday, Oct. 9, at noon. Verne Windham will interview Zorba on his Longevity Code and how he keeps up on the latest medical advances so he can give the best advice possible on his weekly show, Zorba Paster On Your Health.