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Priscilla Ahn: A Rising Star's Modest Approach

Priscilla Ahn's new album is titled <em>When You Grow Up.</em>
Cedric Bihr
Courtesy of the artist
Priscilla Ahn's new album is titled When You Grow Up.

Priscilla Ahn was born in Georgia to a Korean mother and an American father. The young singer-songwriter's background has gotten her a lot of attention from Korean-American organizations. But, she tells Weekend All Things Considered host Guy Raz, she tries not to feel pressure to represent as one of the first Korean-American singers in the public eye.

"Growing up in a multicultural family, I never really felt that I was different — even though I was from most of the kids in my school," she says. "Especially with music, I try to just approach it as an equal. Even just being a female, you can sort of go into the business like, 'I'm a young female; I need to stick up for this and that.' I try not to think about that stuff too much."

Ahn's second album, When You Grow Up, came out this week, but she's still getting plenty of buzz for a song from her 2008 debut. "Dream" was featured in an episode of Gray's Anatomy, and has been licensed for a handful of TV shows and movies since then.

"I knew it was a big deal," Ahn says. "I never expected that this song would turn out to be such a hit."

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