1981 for Spokane Public Radio

Jan 28, 2020

Staff List: Gen Manager/Prog. Dir: Marvin Granger; Devel Director: Jean Smith; Music Director: Richard Malawista; Producer/News/Public Affairs:  Lisa DeAmicis; Producer/Arts: Vernice Cohen; Op. Manager: Kathy Grabicki (Sackett); PR: Caroline Walen; Asst to Development: Judy Phelan; Asst for Finances: Carl O’Leary; Pied Piper Director: Robin Woolman.

April 25 - Dick Wellstood performs a benefit concert in the Skylight Court of Riverpark Square, SPR's first official event! 

James McTigue takes over as Board of Directors.

SPR's Fourth of July Jazz Trio performance

July 4 - Jazz Trio of Brian Flick, Mark Ivester and Dan McCollim perform live on the air.

August 15 - Jazzathon held as a 12-hour fundraiser

November 21 - Beethoven Spectacular

A few shows on the air in 1981: Poems to a Listener, Power in America, Options in Education, Issues & Ideas - Spokane's first local news program, and Horizons

February starts Film Reviews with Ed Coker

This shirt was stitched into a quilt by Roberta Schroeder in 2017, which you can see hanging in our performance studio today.

June/July - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

August: Jazz at the Institute, Black Cats Jump, Spokane’s Living Past

September: Micrologus with Ross Duffin, In Praise of People with Walter Simon, Ballads, Bards & Bagpipes, Star Wars reading, Saturday Night Hootenany with Ken Maffitt

SPR also developed some rad shirts made to give away during the first Jazzathon.