1999 at SPR

7 hours ago


Sounds of the century showcased on All Things Considered.

Marty Demarest features music of the 20th century, delving deep into the SPR music library.

Birthday open-house announced.


Gospel Choir at the KPBX Kids’ Concert.

Steve Jackson


Shoestring Quartet: classical meets jazz, folk & rap at a KPBX Kids’ Concert.

Health forum tackles cancer.


KPBX hosts chocolate cook off (of sorts) during Zorba’s “For the Love of Chocolate Day.”

A Prairie Home Companion features a North Idaho teen.

Opera moves to Wednesdays at 7 p.m.


Variety Pak does big-band at a KPBX Kids’ Concert, honoring centennial of Duke Ellington.


NPR coverage of Kosovo aired.


Not So Celtic Hour becomes Nacho Celtic Hour.

“KSFC: SPR 48 hours a day!” Nifty new station up & running!

Lelola Scales


Steve Jackson joins the news team.

Carillon concert with Dr. Andrea McCrady.

Movies 101 debuts!


NPR journalist Susan Stamberg comes to Spokane.

LeLola Scales becomes the next Co-Development Assistant.

Local Spokane resident gets recipe on Zorba.


Tower upgrade for KPBX.

Listener looks back at 25 years of A Prairie Home Companion.

KPBX salutes Washington Trust Bank & Walt’s Mailing Service.

Lynne Stembridge is the New Volunteer Coordinator.


Letter to KSFC from Eric Martin from Native American Calling.

KPBX Kids’ Concert: The Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Part 1.

Charter Member reception kicks off anniversary festivities.


KPBX Kids’ Concert: Songs and Stories of the Solstice.

Talk of the Nation listening & phone-in tips.