Free Trees For Inland NW Residents

Mar 19, 2015

The number of trees in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene will mushroom this spring with give-aways by both cities. As part of its Spokane Forest Initiative, the City of Spokane will hand out 2,000 free trees - one batch on April 17th and 18th at three area nurseries - and the next batch in October.

Spokane Residential Tree program
Credit City of Spokane

The initiative aims to plant 10,000 new trees in the city by next year as part of a long range plan to reduce storm water runoff into the Spokane river. The idea is that tree roots will take up much of the surface rain and snow runoff that would otherwise seep down into the river.

In Coeur d' Alene, the city has bought a sizable batch of young trees suitable for planting in rights-of-way in front of homes. Those trees are available - first come, first served - to homeowners who agree to water and otherwise care for them, and protect them from death by weed whacker - one of the most common causes of arborcide.

In Spokane, the city office of Neighborhood Services has lined up three nurseries, the Blue Moon Nursery, the Home Fires Nursery and the Spokane Conservation District to give out free trees , two to a family.

The species in Spokane are more varied than the Coeur d' Alene program. There's  everything from serviceberry to bristlecone pines, the latter of which is one one of the world's longest lived, and slowest growing, trees.

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