Reclaim Idaho Seeks to Rebuild Middle Class

Aug 3, 2017

Luke Mayville is one of the founders of Reclaim Idaho, which seeks to rebuild the middle class in the Gem State.

While Tuesday’s primary in Washington was mostly for local candidates and races, the group Reclaim Idaho has its eye on statewide politics. Reclaim Idaho is a group co-founded by Sandpoint native Luke Mayville. He says the organization’s focus is on electing representatives and senators who are interested in rebuilding the state’s middle class. It’s focused on three issues: strong public schools, protecting public lands and health care for working families.

Mayville is currently an academic who teaches literature at Columbia University. But for now, he and his fellow co-founder Garrett Strizich have returned home for a north-to-south organizing tour in their Medicaid for Idaho bus. The bus is in the southern half of the state for the next several days. It will end its tour next Sunday at the Raspberry Festival in Cottonwood. But its campaign to elect new state legislators will run through November 2018.