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Spokane Health Officer "Cautiously Optimistic" About Recent Covid Trend

Spokane Regional Health District



After a few weeks of steady increases in Covid numbers, Health Officer Bob Lutz says there may be some room for optimism.

“I think that maybe things are starting to change a little bit. I’m encouraged by the fact that our case counts have been fairly consistent with those little blips," Lutz said.

Over the last four days, the county has averaged 65 new cases, compared to a three-week period in July when the daily count was routinely in the 80s, 90s or triple digits.

Lutz says this comes at a time when the health district has been able to use federal pandemic money to hire new contact tracers and epidemiologists.

Despite the good signs, Lutz says the county is still only taking small steps toward its goals.

“We’re not on a downward trend yet," he said. "Before we get there, we actually have to see a plateau for a couple of weeks. We are levelling off, but we’ve not levelled off as of yet.”

Another positive sign, he says, is that the county’s health care agencies seem to be getting Covid test results back faster than a few weeks ago.

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