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Washington's Governor Condemns Wednesday's Political Demonstrations

Screenshot from Facebook

Washington Governor Jay Inslee says he will not be intimidated by a group of Trump supporters who entered the grounds of the governor’s home in Olympia on Wednesday afternoon.

“I revile these acts of sedition and intimidation that we’ve seen in our nation today and I call on all elected leaders to condemn this. I especially encourage Republican leaders to do some serious soul searching," he said.

Dozens of people demonstrated on the lawn outside the governor’s mansion. The state patrol took Inslee and his wife to a safe location.

In a Facebook video posted Wednesday night, the governor said he thinks the divisiveness in Washington, D.C. will not carry over to Olympia.

“I am confident that we are on the verge of overcoming this, as we have in the past. We will restore the ability to perpetuate self governance. I’m confident that our work here in the state’s capital will be similarly productive, beginning next week when legislators, Republicans and Democrats, meet to work to fashion joint resolutions to our mutual challenges," he said.

Inslee says the demonstration interrupted a day of preparation for the start of the legislative session.