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Christine McDonald reads her original poem "If Only Once"

Environmental consultant and poet Christine McDonald
Christine McDonald
Environmental consultant and poet Christine McDonald

Christine McDonald grew up in Montana’s breathtaking beauty and wilderness and developed a love of the natural world at an early age. Today, she works as an environmental consultant, writes poetry, and authorizes three books. She is drawn to poetry because it quickly gets to the heart of the matter. She imagines a world of connection, healing, and resilience and the birth of a new paradigm. She writes passionately about the natural world as if it were part of her.

She likes to describe herself as a soil and soul scientist. The former label comes from her two-decade-long United States Forest Service career. Meanwhile, the latter labels originate from her focus on capturing the essence of the human condition in her poetry and prose. In addition to writing about the human condition, Christine enjoys learning more about her inner spirit. As a result, she has been immersed in the world of meditation for over 20 years. She became part of a community where she gathered with spiritual teachers on meditation retreats to learn more about the practice of self-inquiry and how to still the mind to open the heart.

The world is full of writers across various genres who focus on the human condition. Christine isn’t unique in this aspect. She’s neither the first nor the last writer to shine a light on the human spirit. However, she believes her experiences separate her from other authors, sharing, “I write on the edge of my discomfort and what brings me joy. In this way, it expands my perception of human experience and the world around me. The beauty of nature inspires me in these changing times, as the divine mystery of the cosmos, the resilience of the human spirit, and our connection to animals. I am pleased to bring my understanding of science, spirituality, and my love for the planet all together in my poems and books.”

Learn more about Christine by visiting her website!