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Inland Journal, July 31, 2018

Jul 31, 2018

This week on Inland Journal: (7/31/18; Thursday at noon on KPBX; Thursday at 3 pm on KSFC):      
    •    More conversations with candidates on Washington’s August 7 primary election ballot.
    •    Today, candidates for two Sixth Legislative District state House seats: Mike Volz and Kay Murano for one seat, Dave Wilson and Rion Ametu for another
    •    Third District state Representative Marcus Riccelli

Riccelli Seeks Fourth Term in WA State House

Jul 31, 2018
Marcus Riccelli

Rep. Marcus Riccelli (D-Spokane) is seeking a fourth term in the state House from the Third District.

His Republican challenger, Tom Taylor, didn’t return our invitation for an interview.

Rion Ametu

With Jeff Holy leaving his Sixth District House seat, four candidates - two Republicans, two Democrats - are applying for the job. We’ll hear from Democrats Rion Ametu and Dave Wilson. Republican Jenny Graham expressed interest in being interviewed but never followed up to schedule a time. Republican John Aiken Junior didn't answer our invitation.

Volz, Murano Compete For State House Seat

Jul 31, 2018
Mike Volz

In eastern Washington’s Third, Fourth and Seventh Legislative districts, the incumbents are all running for re-election and there’s a chance the same group of lawmakers who represented those districts in Olympia this year will also serve next year. But in the Sixth, which covers much of Spokane’s South Hill, the West Plains and some out north, at least two dominoes will fall.

For the third year in a row, a military reconnaissance aircraft is joining the battle against Pacific Northwest wildfires. This specialized plane can locate new fires from many miles away.

Protestors Say No to Nunes, Yes to Lisa Brown

Jul 30, 2018
Jeremy Burnham/SPR

Devin Nunes was in town today. The California congressman who chairs the House Intelligence Committee was in Spokane to raise money for Washington Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Outside the venue, a group of protestors rallied for McMorris Rodgers’ opponent. 

A federal detention facility in Sheridan, Oregon, must continue to open its doors to attorneys representing dozens of immigrant detainees, a judge ruled today.

When the U.S. Supreme Court obliterated mandatory union dues in late June, the Freedom Foundation was ready.

For years, leaders of the conservative, Olympia-based nonprofit dreamed of a tool to kneecap the public-sector unions that champion Democratic candidates and liberal causes in Oregon. Suddenly it had arrived.

Jeremy Burnham/SPR

The Spokane City Council will decide tonight whether to put two bond issues on the November ballot.

Jacquelin Maycumber

Here is our full interview with Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber.