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We ask for this information so that we can contact you with questions about the event, if necessary. We will not display any of your information on our site.

Submission Guidelines

Listings are submitted by site visitors, art organizations, venues, and public radio stations. Please contact the station if you notice inaccurate information in event listings.

The events calendar is maintained by SPR staff during business hours M-F, 9-5. Please allow 3-5 business days for your event to be approved. To edit or cancel an event, please email or call (509) 328-5729.

When submitting events:
-Enter the event at least 2 weeks prior to event date
-Include your contact information
-Fill out all information required as completely as possible. Listings with incomplete information are less likely to be posted.

ON-AIR Calendar Info
The Arts Calendar is read on KPBX 91.1 at the following times:
Weekdays: 6:19am, 7:19am, 8:19am, 2pm, and 6:30pm
Weekends: 6:19am, 7:19am, 8:19am, 9:19am, 11:55am
-The criteria for choosing events for the on-air calendar are loosely defined as events which appeal to a broad audience, are open to the public, and have a strong tie to the arts. Please provide a pronunciation guide in the ‘description’ field if interested in on-air reading. Submissions are reviewed case-by-case.
-Art galleries wishing to have an artists’ reception announced as well as the gallery opening should submit multiple entries: one for the reception, one for the opening, one for the ongoing gallery show, etc.
-When announcing a deadline for a call for artists or to register for an event, please create a separate entry for the submission deadline. The arts calendar producer will include submission deadlines typically on Mondays or Tuesdays depending upon the content for the day.
-For recurring events such as a weekly jam night, please limit the recurrence to two months and resubmit toward the end of the run. This ensures that we air the most accurate information available to us.

--Provide special information (such as artist receptions or post-show discussions) in the detailed description of your event. This ensures that potential audience members know about related special events.
--The system will generate an identical weekly schedule from this list. If, for example, one Saturday of a show's three-week run includes a matinee, you will need to submit that event separately.
--If an ongoing event will be occurring at different venues, you will need to create separate event listings for each venue.

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