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New Spokane Shelter Opens, Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Increase

Spokane COVID Response

The city of Spokane opened a new shelter this afternoon [Monday] on the first floor of the downtown public library. That’s a space that was to be ready for renovation, but Mayor Nadine Woodward says now it’s pressed into duty for up to 100 people who are currently without homes.

“We are anticipating about 40 women from the Hope House and about 60 of our guests from the Cannon Street warming shelter and, of course, this is all so we can be compliant with the governor’s social distancing recommendations from Dr. Bob Lutz and from the governor in our shelters," Woodward said.

Bob Lutz is the county health officer. He says Spokane County has 136 confirmed cases of coronavirus and four deaths. More than 3,700 people have been tested in Spokane County, tens of thousands in Washington.

“Testing capacity has increased significantly. It is still less than optimal, but nonetheless, earlier, we were talking about numbers in the tens and maybe the hundreds. Now they’re doing about six thousand tests a day. That definitely is an explanation for why we are seeing more cases identified," Lutz said.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Washington is about 4,900.