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A Note From John F. Lansing, NPR President & CEO

Good morning, colleagues.


We are now entering yet another week of uncharted territory with the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a time in which public media journalism and community engagement is even more vital and valued than ever. Lives are hanging in the balance as we work together to disseminate facts, mitigate faulty rumors, and fact-check public officials for our audiences on-air, online, and on-demand.


For Americans to be safer, they need to understand exactly what the dimensions of this unfolding emergency are, they need to consider the implications, and they need to know that the information and insights they are getting can be relied on to be accurate and relevant. Thanks to the remarkable work of journalists in newsrooms across the public media system, the American public has a trusted source to depend upon. And thanks to the superb talents of public media staff who work in the areas of music and the arts, the American public has a deep well of content on which to draw, to enrich their daily lives.


Of course, none of our vital public service would be possible without the support and commitment of each and every department and division at NPR and in your own organizations, and I want to recognize the professionalism, dedication, and creativity that infuses every corner of NPR and the public radio community. Together we are adapting to a challenging new reality, and I am proud to stand with you during this unfolding crisis.


Keeping everyone healthy and safe as we do our work during this pandemic is our priority. And being there for our audiences during this time is our mission. We are all NPR, and we thank you for your partnership.