Leonard Oakland

Host of Sunday Morning Classical

Leonard Oakland, who doubles as Professor of English at Whitworth University, plays his favorites on Sunday mornings from 10 a.m. - noon.

Leonard started listening to Spokane Public Radio in 1980, and by 1985 was hired to do a Sunday evening jazz shift.  Later, this expanded to include a Tuesday chamber music show.  Today, we all know Leonard as the voice of Sunday Morning Classical Music.  Leonard spends his days as a Professor of English (partially retired) at Whitworth University, teaching British literature, movies and Core 250 (Rationalist Worldviews). He has taught at Whitworth since 1966 and is an active member of the Facilities Planning Committee, the Whitworth Art Community and the Trees Task Force. 

Leonard has three grown children, two cats and a dog that are all public radio listeners.  He loves to travel, especially to France and Britain, and is an avid backyard gardener.  His passions are books and movies.  Leonard can also be heard guest hosting Movies 101 from time to time.

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