Inland Journal, July 8, 2019: Spokane City Council Candidate Liz Fleming

Jul 8, 2019

Spokane city council candidate Liz Fleming
Credit Liz Fleming

Today on the Inland Journal podcast, we’ll circle back to a Spokane city council race whose candidates we began talking with a few weeks ago. In the South district, the incumbent, Lori Kinnear, faces two opponents. We heard from her and one of those challengers, Tony Kiepe. Now, we talk with the third candidate in the race, Liz Fleming.

On tomorrow’s podcast, one more city council candidate: Jerrall Haynes, who is the last of the seven candidates we’ll interview from the Northeast district.

The rest of the week’s podcasts will feature Steve Jackson interviewing candidates for city council president.

Our full interviews with the candidates are available for listening anytime on the Spokane Public Radio website. We’re adding one interview a day. Click on the regional news tab and then on Election 2019, or go to the Inland Journal page. You can get them by subscribing to the Inland Journal podcast in Apple podcasts, NPR One or Google Play.