Inland Journal, May 15, 2019: "Refugee and Immigrant Voices: Stories of Hope"

May 15, 2019

Marijke Fakasiieiki, Executive Director of Refugee Connections, Luisa Orellana-Westbrook a former refugee from El Salvador, and other representatives present a certificate of appreciation to St. Ann's Catholic Parish.
Credit Chris Maccini | SPR

Kassahun Kebede, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Geography at Eastern Washington University, shares his story of immigrating from Ethiopia to the United States
Credit Chris Maccini | SPR

Wednesday on the Inland Journal podcast, stories from refugees and immigrants who have made the Inland Northwest their home. Four people, each from a different country told their stories at an event called Refugee and Immigrant Voices: Stories of Hope” hosted by Refugee Connections Spokane.


Jeff Loussant, originally from Haiti and a recent graduate from Whitworth University, shares his story.
Credit Chris Maccini | SPR

The individuals who share their stories in this episode are: Abdella Abdella, a refugee from Sudan; Kassahum Kabede, an immigrant from Ethiopia; Jeff Loussaint, an immigrant from Haiti, and Luisa Orellana-Westbrook, a refugee from El Salvador. Marijke Fakasiieiki, Executive Director of Refugee Connections Spokane introduces each speaker.

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