Officials Pay Tribute to Washingtonian Known For Songwriting

Mar 27, 2014

A well known musical performer who lives in Soap Lake was honored this week, as she celebrated her 91st birthday. Born in 1923 in Seattle as Bonnie Buckingham, Bonnie Guitar received recognition from the state of Washington for her musical accomplishments. Mayor Raymond Gravelle was one of those who paid tribute. He named the day as "Bonnie Guitar Day.”

Resolutions were read that had been passed by the Washington State House and Senate acknowledging Bonnie, a Washingtonian, for her accomplishments. She became one of the first female Country Music singers to have songs crossover from the Country charts to the Pop charts, and have hits on both.

Bonnie also worked as a as professional guitarist as she ended up playing on sessions for many well-known singers, like Jim Reeves. She also co-founded the record company Dolton Records in the late 50s, that launched the careers of the Fleetwoods,and the Ventures.