Steve Jackson

News Assignment Editor;All Things Considered host

Steve was part of the Spokane Public Radio family for many years before he came on air in 1999.  His wife, Laurie, produced Radio Ethiopia in the late 1980s through the '90s, and Steve used to “lurk in the shadowy world” of Weekend SPR.   Steve has done various on air shifts at the station, including nearly 15 years as the local Morning Edition host. Currently, he is the voice of local weather and news during All Things Considerd, writing, editing, producing and/or delivering newscasts and features for both KPBX and KSFC.    Aside from SPR, Steve ,who lives in the country, enjoys gardening, chickens, playing and listening to music, astronomy, photography, sports cars and camping.  

Ways to Connect

Photo by Leona Vander Molen

Photo by Leona Vander Molen

Mayoral candidate Nadine Woodward says she opposes the city of Spokane’s renewable energy goal .

Avista Utilties supported the city on the goal of getting 100% of its electricity from renewable resources by the year 2030.

But Woodward told SPR that, in an unpublished study, Avista found that such a plan would be expensive for citizens.

Photo by Steve Jackson

Students in the aviation program at Spokane Community College are the beneficiaries of a huge gift from the Boeing Company.

Boeing has donated a 12-foot tall, 17,000-pound 787 jet engine to the SCC Aviation Maintenance program.

Spokane River regional Toxics Task force

A forum at Gonzaga University Tuesday evening will focus on a class of chemicals that are polluting the Spokane River.

PCBs are man-made chemicals that have been found in the river. They come from various products, including old electrical transformers, and have been determined to be potentially carcinogenic.

City of Spokane

Photo by Leona Vander Molen

Some Spokane city council members held a press conference Wednesday to call attention to the need for an overnight shelter for the homeless.

Council President Ben Stuckart says the issue is highlighted by the fact the weather forecast is calling for cold temperatures and possibly snow by Saturday.

Photo by Jennifer Roseman

Washington state Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz was in Spokane Friday for the opening of a plant she says is pushing the cutting edge of wood manufacturing.

The use of cross laminated timber is a new trend where wood panels are made from gluing layers of solid sawn lumber together.

Washington Attorney General's office

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has filed yet another lawsuit against the Trump administration.

The latest lawsuit seeks to prevent the transfer of military construction funding to build the wall at the southern U.S. border.

The funds in question, $89 million, were to have gone for work on a pier at the naval base in Bangor, Washington, where Trident nuclear subs are stationed.

Ferguson said the action violates specific statutes of federal law.