Proposed Mt. Spokane Ski Resort Expansion Meets Opposition

Jan 8, 2016

Opponents to a proposed expansion of the Mt. Spokane ski area are appealing to Governor Inslee for help in stopping the project.

Conservation groups are upset about a plan to log forest land to expand a ski area within the largest state park in Washington. They say that expansion will require logging of an old-growth forest.

The proposal is not finding favor with the Spokane Tribe. David Browneagle is the tribal council Vice Chairman.

“So I would rather have my grandchildren go to the mountain and see this is what this tree looks like, and it has always grown here. And these are the animals that have lived here. I’d rather have them experience it like I was able to. So yes please, ski, but on the other side, and on the other side we can have this natural resource that is alive and well.

The Washington State Parks Commission decided last year to allow the expansion to go forward.

Now, the Spokane Tribe and The Lands Council are requesting the Governor to ask the Parks Commission to reconsider its decision. They cite Inlsee’s concerns with global warming and say intact old growth forests are an important tool for storing carbon.

Last week conservation groups also filed an appeal of the recent Superior Court decision to allow the project to proceed.