Spokane Public School Board Candidate: Corstian Dehle-Jones

Jul 26, 2021

Corstian Dehle-Jones is a candidate for Spokane Public School Board
Credit Corstian Dehle-Jones

As Spokane Public School Board rounds out a headline making year, two members have chosen not to file for reelection.

Thirteen candidates have filed for those two positions. Nine agreed to interviews with Spokane Public Radio’s Rebecca White.

Candidate Corstian Dehle-Jones is a union shop steward and grew up in the greater Spokane area. He said he is running to promote options outside of a four year degree from a university and is supportive of racial equity measures the school district is implementing.

Announcer tag: Dehle-Jones is one of 13 candidates. Full interviews with him, and other candidates are available on spokanepublicradio.org.