From the Studio: Inland Northwest Opera's "The Maid Turned Mistress"

Jul 12, 2021

We welcomed Inland Northwest Opera's General Director Dawn Wolski and prinicpals in this weekend's INO production of G.B.Pergolesi's The Maid Turned Mistress, Heather and Derrick Parker, to our KPBX studio for music and conversation. Joining them was pianist for the production, Mary J. Trotter. In addition to hearing a performance of two duets from the show, we talked about opera, this production, the challenges INO faced during the pandemic, and how the company has adapted to new realities.

Dawn Wolski and Jim Tevenan in the KPBX studio

Derrick Parker, Heather Parker, and Mary Trotter

Mary Trotter

Heather Parker

Derrick Parker