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August Programs

August 27, 2016

America Abroad - Espionage in the Age of Terror
In this episode of America Abroad, we discuss the current state of human intelligence gathering and its future. We explore how encryption affected the nature of spying, how the challenge of recruiting has changed, and what techniques do agencies at home and abroad feel will give them the edge for the future.

August 20, 2016

National Magazine - Climate One Radio:
Nuclear Power-Slow Death or Ready for Rebound"

For decades, environmentalists battled against nuclear power, claiming it was an uncontrolable peril to the planet. So it’s ironic that today some of these same people are now supporting nukes as an important asset in our race to reduce the threat of climate change. Nuclear power produces lots of energy and no greenhouse gases. But we still have the problems of plutonium and proliferation. Is it safe to keep running these aging plants? Will the new, improved generation of nuclear power plants allow us to have our cake and eat it too?

August 13, 2016

With Good Reason  - Founding Friendships between Women and Men

Countless chick flicks and novels have tackled the question: can men and women be just friends? Cassandra Good argues in her new book that, in fact, American men and women have maintained close friendships since our country’s founding. 

And: Most of us don’t intend to be sexist or racist, but sometimes we find ourselves in the wrong. Jennifer Mease asks the question, “When it comes to racism or sexism, why aren’t good intentions enough?”

Plus:  1,000 women are asked how they achieve balance between home and work

August 6, 2016

2016 Re:sound Specials, from the Third Coast Audio Festival
The Stories From Childhood Show - This hour on Re:sound, some of our favorite childhood icons: from the man who gave us Thing One and Thing Two, to Dorothy, the tin man and Toto too….and let’s not forget about a quiet old lady whispering “Hush!”

Brian is a Spokane native who has been interested in sound technology ever since playing with a reel-to-reel deck as a kid. He learned radio broadcasting on KSFC, before it was part of Spokane Public Radio but still was part of the broadcasting program at Spokane Falls Community College. Brian also studied radio at Clatsop Community College in Astoria, Oregon, where he featured new age and fusion jazz on his own show. He admits that at heart he is a news junkie, which fits in well with his work Saturday mornings as regional host for NPR's Morning Edition.
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