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September Programs

September 30, 2017

Intelligence Squared U.S.
Face-Off with China: Foreign Policy in the Trump Era

Against the backdrop of North Korea's nuclear advances and escalating regional tensions, we ask: How should the U.S. respond to its most urgent national security threats? Staged with our new "Unresolved" debate format, the debaters argue for or against a number of motions including: Is Donald Trump making China great again? Is China destined for regional dominance? And can we strike a deal with Beijing to contain North Korea’s nuclear program? The debaters are Ian Bremmer, Elizabeth Economy, Noah Feldman, and David Shambaugh. 

September 23, 2017

Truth, Politics and Power: The United States and Iran

The United States and Iran confront each other in Yemen and the Gulf, while the longtime enemies act as uncomfortable allies against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Meanwhile, President Trump faces a crucial decision on the nuclear agreement he’s long vowed to tear up. In the next Truth Politics and Power, host Neal Conan explores the consequences of that decision, and delves into two crucial periods in the troubled history between the US and the Islamic Republic..…The Iran-Iraq War, when the US sided with Iran’s bitterest enemy…and the Invasion of Iraq, which left Iran as the principal beneficiary.

September 16, 2017

America Abroad
After Paris: Global Approaches to Climate Change

It’s been almost two years since 195 countries signed a historic climate change agreement in Paris. And last spring, President Trump announced his intention to pull the US out of the agreement. Meanwhile, all the other signatories have reaffirmed their commitment to clean energy policy. We'll explore how various countries are tackling the issue of climate change — from China and India to the Arctic and North Africa. And we'll discuss whether countries can reduce their emissions without damaging their economies and what the US pullout means for the world.

September 9, 2017

2017 Re:sound Specials from the Third Coast Audio Festival
The Writing Out of Trouble Show -
This time on Re:sound we're featuring two stories of love through loss... plus an interview with the producers who've written their way through these troubled moments.

September 2, 2017

Trade Off - A Marketplace Special

"Trade Off" explores key moments in America's long history of global trade, and its impact on workers and the economy. Who has gained from trade deals that opened borders, or from higher tariffs that closed them?

"Trade Off" travels to the first American industrial park envisioned by Alexander Hamilton, to Utah and Oregon, where senators pushing tariffs may have spawned the Great Depression, to Wisconsin workers seeking new job hope in retraining, and an immigrant family reflecting on globalization and the middle class.

Hosted by Marketplace Sustainability Desk correspondent Scott Tong and reporter Sarah Gardner, with additional reporting by Kai Ryssdal and Stephen Beard


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