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July 25, 2020

I Spy: Spies Who Pushed Back

In this hour-long special we'll hear from two former intelligence people who, like whistleblowers in the Trump administration, pushed back against perceived wrongdoing in their agencies.  CIA officer Nada Bakos, who led the hunt for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq, challenged Bush administration officials to recognize the violence in 2003 for what it was—a budding insurgency.  Thomas Drake, a senior executive at the National Security Agency, helped expose NSA spying against U.S. citizens after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

July 18, 2020

Credit Intelligence Squared U.S.

Intelligence Squared U.S.
Will Corona Virus Reshape the World Order in China's Favor?

How might coronavirus reshape geopolitics? For some, the answer is clear: China is on the rise. While Washington embraces “America First” and abdicates its global leadership role, they argue, Beijing is stepping up to fill the void. By providing material assistance to struggling nations, organizing world leaders, and trumpeting its own virus response, China is vying for power and influence. But others see a global future where Beijing’s standing is diminished, not bolstered. They argue the Chinese Communist Party’s mismanagement and lack of transparency around the virus will spark lasting mistrust and condemnation from friends and foes alike. Meanwhile, they say, an economic slowdown coupled with domestic unrest around lockdown policies will challenge Xi Jinping’s authority at home and abroad.

July 11, 2020

Living and Grieving in a Time of Covid 19

Each story in this program straddles time ... from before pandemic ... to after.  
More and more people will be grieving the loss of loved ones in new ways.  We hear how grieving is transformed by the isolation of living in pandemic times. We explore how having a home to live in, for many, is precarious as experts say an epidemic of evictions is on the horizon. And we hear how artistic expression has had a virtual rebirth, while artistic venues and institutions struggle to survive.

July 4, 2020

2020 Re:sound Special from Third Coast

The City Intersections Show

This hour, two very specific points on the map with two very different stories.

The world may be stuck at home, but these two stories are an immersion into two very specific and very different places: an intersection in Mountainview, CA and a vacant lot in Chicago, IL.

Six Stories
by Jenny Casas, Robin Amer and Wilson Sayre for The City from USA Today.
Chicago, 1990. A guy with a loud sweater, manicured nails and connections to some very powerful people idles in a limousine near a vacant lot. A fleet of dump trucks unloads literal tons of busted concrete—and keep coming back. Neighborhood residents take action. The mess becomes much bigger than a six-story pile of rubble.
To hear the rest of the story, listen to Season 1 of The City.

Homeless in Googleville
by David Boyer for The Intersection from KALW.
In the heart of Mountainview, California, where Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters are located, there's a row of parked RVs. Meet the Google employees who live there.

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