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January Programs

Januaury 31, 2021

Ultimate Fugitive

This is a story about an Ultimate player trying to outrun his past.  When he stopped running, he was in Eugene, Oregon.  Where for the next four years he hid in plain sight.  How did he do it?  Turns out, some people knew and kept his secret.  Others didn’t know a thing but unwittingly became part of his disguise.  How did two Eugene communities intentionally and unintentionally keep Jahson Marryshow's secret?  And how did Jahson change? 

Written, produced, and narrated by Ida Hardin.

Januaury 23, 2021

Intelligence Squared U.S.

Who Gets Vaccinated First?

As the first rounds of the Covid-19 vaccines become available, a growing debate has emerged as to who should get it first. CDC guidance prioritizes essential workers and those in long-term care, but a growing chorus of voices say authorities should instead focus on the elderly. It’s a profound debate with broad ethical implications that dig into the question of preserving first-responders and society’s first line of defense versus rising morbidity and mortality rates among at-risk populations. Host and moderator John Donvan examines it all in a wide ranging interview with  Dr. Larry Brilliant, physician, epidemiologist, and CEO of the Pandefense Advisory, who was also a part of the World Health Organization team that eradicated smallpox.


Januaury 16, 2021

John Prine, Eddie Van Halen, Helen Reddy, McCoy Tyner, Bill Withers, Bonnie Pointer

Musicians' Memorial 2020

Music documentarian Paul Ingles hosts this Musicians Memorial 2020 program remembering some of the top musicians who passed away in 2020. 

This hour includes tributes to just a few of the many musicians we've lost in the past year. 
We'll hear a music mix that includes John Prine, Jerry Jeff Walker, Billy Joe Shaver, Bill Withers, Justin Townes Earle, Eddie Van Halen, Neal Peart (Rush), Little Richard, Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac), jazz players Bucky Pizarelli, Ellis Marsalis, McCoy Tyner, Tony Allen, and pop stars Kenny Rogers, Helen Reddy and Charley Pride.

Januaury 9, 2021

How We Survive: Adapting to Climate Change

Climate change is here. We hear about it more than ever. And experts say we need to adapt—but what does that actually look like?  This one-hour special from Marketplace, led by Molly Wood, explores the role of technology in helping humanity weather the impacts of climate change. The time of complete prevention has passed, and we must turn towards adaptation.

This special will focus on how practical, tangible tools can help solve this crisis—and the pandemic’s impact on how quickly that technology can be deployed. In this solutions-based reporting, Wood and team speak with tech leaders about the climate crisis and what innovations can help us adapt to an already changing climate, with efforts to curb emissions still years away. Interviews include Microsoft’s chief environmental officer, the founder of a startup financing energy upgrades on buildings across the country, and a Navajo Nation leader about increasing access to clean water. They also visit a house in the Bay Area designed from the ground up to be fire resistant.


Januaury 2, 2021

BBC Correspondents' Look Ahead
International BBC correspondents forecast the leading news stories for the year ahead.

There were times in 2020 when the world felt like an out of control carousel and we could all have been forgiven for just wanting to get off and to wait for normality to return.  But will 2021 be any less dramatic?  Joe Biden will be inaugurated in January but will Donald Trump have left the White House by then?  And vaccines are promised to help tackle the Covid19 pandemic but how successful will they be and how do global leaders go about trying to repair the economic damage the virus has caused?  So many big questions but luckily we have some big hitters to provide plenty of answers.

This special is presented by Lyse Doucet.


Brian is a Spokane native who has been interested in sound technology ever since playing with a reel-to-reel deck as a kid. He learned radio broadcasting on KSFC, before it was part of Spokane Public Radio but still was part of the broadcasting program at Spokane Falls Community College. Brian also studied radio at Clatsop Community College in Astoria, Oregon, where he featured new age and fusion jazz on his own show. He admits that at heart he is a news junkie, which fits in well with his work Saturday mornings as regional host for NPR's Morning Edition.
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