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Inland Journal: Idaho Legislature Repeals Grocery Sales Tax


On Wednesday the Idaho House of Representatives voted to remove the state’s 6% sales tax on groceries. This follows a similar vote by the Senate last Thursday. We’ll hear a bit of the debate in a couple of minutes. But we’ve called on Gary Moncrief, a political science distinguished professor emeritus at Boise State University, to help us with the background.

 Doug interviews Gary Moncrief      “Gary, tell me the story about…than the House had passed.”

So let’s hear a few clips from the House debate before the vote on Monday.

Montage of six legislators giving testimony, along with the final vote count, 51 in favor and 19 against

We go back now to Gary Moncrief.

Gary Moncrief is a political science distinguished professor emeritus at Boise State University.

The grocery tax repeal now goes to Governor Butch Otter for his signature or his veto. He has said in the past that he opposes a repeal because it’s a stable tax and doesn’t fluctuate much when the economy takes a downturn. But Moncrief predicts it’s 50-50 that Otter vetoes it. That’s because the Senate on Wednesday said no to a cut in the state income tax. That means the grocery tax repeal was the only tax cut approved before lawmakers adjourned for the year.