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"Hunter Pink" Could Be Coming To The Woods

TVW/Senate Republican Caucus

Pink may become the new fashion statement in hunting circles. A Vancouver state senator has introduced a bill that would allow bright pink to be worn in addition to hunter orange clothing during hunting season. The legislation has cleared the state Senate and begun its journey through the state House.

Republican Sen. Lynda Wilson is not a big fan of the florescent orange that is the standard now for hunters.

“I decided to run this bill actually because I didn’t think anybody looked good in orange. But that’s just me," Wilson said.

Wilson’s tongue was firmly in cheek there during a committee hearing on Wednesday. She told members of the House Rural Development Committee her bill is mostly about keeping hunters safe.

“The orange can get lost in the background, depending on what time of year you’re hunting. The bright orange leaves will blend in with the orange vest," she said. "The other good thing about the bill is that we hope to bring in more hunters. I’m a hunter. Two of my daughters are hunters. And I guess adding pink to the repertoire would be nice. Also good for our outfitters.”

The state Fish and Wildlife Department says it supports Wilson’s legislation. But David Whipple, who supports the agency’s hunter education program, admits adding pink to the traditional orange will take some getting used to.

“We would incorporate that into our curriculum and teach that right along with the hunter orange and have photographs and samples and other things," Whipple said. "When florescent orange and hunter orange first came out, it wasn’t really well known either. We had to start somewhere. I think the public has gotten used to that over the many years. So it’s widely known and accepted and I think we would just be in the same stage with florescent pink.”

During Wednesday’s hearing, representatives asked Wilson if she’d be open to amending her bill to allow hunters to also wear florescent hues of blue and yellow. Maybe, she said, but not if it gets in the way of passing my bill.