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Wasden: Idaho Will Not Join Purdue Pharma Settlement

Lawrence Wasden/Twitter

Idaho’s attorney general says the Gem State won’t join a tentative settlement in the Purdue Pharma opioids case.

Lawrence Wasden says Idaho will not be one of the more than 20 states that have signed onto the agreement with the Sackler family, which owns Purdue Pharma.

Idaho is one of the states that has sued. The state believes the company oversold the benefits of oxycontin, one of the painkillers tied to the national opioid crisis. Wasden argues the company worked to get people to buy more of the drugs, despite knowing that they are highly addictive.

The proposed settlement would lead to Purdue Pharma declaring bankruptcy and selling off assets to pay claims. As part of that, further lawsuits against the company could end.

Wasden says that is not in Idaho’s best interests. He says the state will continue to pursue its litigation.