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Spokane Mayor Releases Proposed 2020 Budget

Doug Nadvornick/SPR

Spokane Mayor David Condon on Friday released his budget for 2020.
The document lays out how the city will spend about $200 million to fund day-to-day services. It includes about $350 million for water, waste water and other utilities. The other $550 million pays for capital expenses, debt service and other technology and finance-related costs.

Condon’s budget includes funding for 20 new police employees and 30 new firefighters. Funding for those positions was secured when voters approved a targeted property tax increase last February. Condon says the city is also increasing its ability to respond to disasters.

“The budget includes funding for the city’s own emergency management director, consistent with most urban centers within the state. It’s considered a best practice. We will still collaborate and invest in our regional partners, of course, but we need to be prepared for everything that comes our way in the city core," Condon said.

The budget also includes money for shelters and other social services needed to help homeless people get through the winter. That includes two million approved by the city council Thursday to create warming shelters and pay providers to run them.

Condon says his office will work with the city council over the next few weeks to refine his proposal. The council must approve a balanced budget by the end of the year.