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Cantwell Speaks For Trade Agreement As Senate Wraps Up Debate

On the day when the U.S. House sent articles of impeachment to the Senate, the Senate continued debate on the proposed U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement.

Washington Senator Maria Cantwell rose to support it.

“Continuing to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement is an important step for Washington and for our economy," Cantwell said.

She says NAFTA was beneficial for Washington, especially in expanding markets for its agricultural products. She says this new agreement will continue that process.

“The important aspects of this deal help us open and get a fair playing field for wheat, for making sure that digital trade continues in a fair way, and that dairy products are accessed into Canada in a fair way and that our wine industry, believe it or not, Canadians drink a lot of wine, particularly in British Columbia, and they’ve not always given us fair access to that market," she said.

Cantwell says changes made in this agreement will help Mexico enforce stronger labor laws that will benefit workers.

The House and a Senate committee approved the agreement by large margins. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he expects the Senate to wrap up debate and vote on the agreement on Thursday.