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Inland Journal, Feb. 6, 2020: Premature Deaths, Criminal Justice System, Library Fines

Today on Inland Journal and the Inland Journal podcast, WSU researchers say people of color and who live in low-income neighborhoods are more likely to die prematurely than those who live in more affluent places.

“Some of it we can attribute to things like housing quality. We know that housing, we don’t think of that as a health intervention, but actually having poor quality housing is one of the biggest risk factors to developing all kinds of long-term chronic disease conditions.”

We revisit an interview with two of the authors of Spokane’s Blueprint for Reform study of the county criminal justice system.

Patrons at several southeastern Washington and north central Idaho libraries will no longer have to pay fines for overdue books.

“The fine thing we just started to sense was more of a barrier to access to our collections. It was disproportionately unfair to children and youth and families of lower income.”

And we meet new Northwest News Network reporter Nick Deshais on today’s Inland Journal, which will begin after the news.