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Idaho Governor Urges Parks Visitors To 'Recreate Responsibly'

State of Idaho

Idaho state parks officials are trying to maintain a balance between allowing day-time public access to favored areas, but keeping people from getting too close to each other.

Governor Brad Little’s office has launched a “Recreate Responsibly” campaign, aimed at promoting good behavior.

“You should try to do your level best to recreate close to home. What that means is don’t drive three hours across the state to get to a favorite hiking spot. If there’s alternatives closer to you, that’s where he’d like to steer you," said Craig Quintana from the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.

The campaign includes much of the now-familiar advice: maintain responsible distancing between you and others; stay home if you’re not feeling well.

Quintana says these things have become standard operating procedure for most of us. But sometimes, he says, parks employees have to have a talk with guests.

“Why don’t you not have that kegger with 30 of your besties and practice some good social distancing, say six feet away from others if they don’t happen to live under the same roof with you," he said. "Don’t crowd up when you’re out on the trail. Give people a wide berth.”

Quintana says the governor is also urging people to be as self-contained as possible. Bring your own supplies and pack out your own trash. And stay away from risky activities that could potentially lead to injury, so that medical personnel can be available for coronavirus-related care.