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Spokane Construction Officials Say Crews Are Preparing For Work

Courtesy of Paul Brennan

Spokane’s construction industry is preparing to increase its activity again soon, now that Governor Inslee has announced that some ongoing construction projects can continue with appropriate safety measures taken.

Cheryl Stewart is the executive director of Spokane’s chapter of the Association of General Contractors. During a media briefing Monday, Stewart said companies are doing the prep work they need to do.

“It’ll take us a little time to get up to speed. There’s a lot of additional PPE that will be required. Construction projects will look different moving forward. You’ll see people with face coverings. You’ll see some other masks if they’re within close proximity of each other," Stewart said. "Every site will have a Covid site supervisor. I think this is very important. This person’s job is to make sure that these standards are handled well and done by everyone.”

Stewart says crews will undergo training about the new standards they’ll have to meet before they go back to the job.

She says the new safety equipment and training are new and extra costs incurred by companies.

“It will have an impact on budgets. There will also be an impact on schedules, which could affect budgets as well," she said. "We’ll be staggering work shifts. We’ll be staggering subcontractors, not having as many people onsite at a time, which may take projects a little longer.”

She says that means some public projects might be delayed and cost more than originally bid.