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Democrats Lead For Two State House Seats In The Fourth District

Courtesy of Lori Feagan

In legislative races, two Democrats made a strong showing in Spokane Valley.

Democrats Lori Feagan and Lance Gurel lead four-way races with Republicans.

Feagan took 40% of the early vote in a race for the seat that Rep. Matt Shea now holds. Shea’s not running, but his longtime seatmate Bob McCaslin is seeking that seat. He’s running second to Feagan with 36%, with two other Republicans, Mike Conrad and David Whitehead, running farther behind.

Feagan, who is a nurse by profession, says she’s pleased with her position.

“I had faith that the voters in this district were ready for a change and because I have committed to taking care of everybody in this district, as I always have, I had faith that the voters would recognize that this was a great opportunity for them to make a positive change in representation," Feagan said.

In the other race for a House seat in the Valley, accountant Lance Gurel is leading Republicans Rob Chase, Leonard Christian and Nathan Sybrandy for the seat now held by Bob McCaslin.

“I think there are a lot of people who just have a hard time seeing themselves voting for a Democrat or have had a hard time seeing themselves vote for a Democrat in the past and I just hope they’re looking at me and realize that I’ve got a different set of values and that I’m somebody who they can support," Gurel said.

He has about 39% of the vote. Chase, a former Spokane County treasurer with strong libertarian leanings, has about 32%. Christian, a former legislator and Spokane Valley realtor, has 24% of the vote.

In the state Senate in the Fourth District, Republican incumbent Mike Padden appears to be on his way to running against Democrat John Roskelley.

The incumbents in the Third, Sixth, Seventh and Ninth Legislative Districts are all moving on to the general election as well.