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Covid Vaccines Trickling In To Regional Facilities, Inoculations To Start Soon

Courtesy of Gilead

The Pfizer coronavirus vaccine is in different phases of distribution around the Northwest.

Providence reports it has received almost 4,000 doses. Spokeswoman Beth Hegde says the health system’s highest risk caregivers will be inoculated with it on Friday. She says the first dose won’t be enough to cover all of the people in that category.

The Idaho Panhandle Health District says it hasn't yet received its first shipment.

"We will begin reporting on-hand inventory the day vaccine shipments arrive into the state’s system so they are aware of our inventory. This will be done each day," said district spokeswoman Katherine Hoyer. "When vaccine is redistributed to healthcare partners, that will be reported to the state as well and they will track it appropriately."

The state's coronavirus website reports 119 vaccine doses have been administrated statewide, as of 4 pm Wednesday.

Kayla Myers, who leads the Spokane Regional Health District’s Covid task force, says local providers are being deliberate in starting vaccinations.

“The facilities that are allowed to get them right now have reported they did not order the maximum amount that they could. I think that’s because this is such a new vaccine and people are trying to make sure they get efficient with it. We will have a lot more facilities next week receive vaccine," she said.

That’s the week when the Moderna coronavirus vaccine will also begin to be distributed across the country.

Myers says once more vaccines are available, the health district and other providers will start thinking about programs to vaccinate large numbers of people. But she says that’s still a ways away.