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Some COVID-19 vaccine doses delayed due to weather

Courtesy of CHAS Health

Weather delays have pushed back both first and second dose vaccinations around the country as the nation experiences a historic cold snap.

Those delays have impacted Spokane vaccinations as well. Providence Healthcare announced Tuesday that Wednesday’s second dose vaccines would be delayed due to weather.

In a briefing Wednesday Kelley Charvet, the Chief Administrative Officer for CHAS Health, said the Spokane Arena had not yet received next week’s allotment of second doses, but hopes that will arrive by Thursday.

Spokane Interim Health Officer Dr. Francisco Velazquez said getting the second vaccine a few days late will not change its effectiveness. He said the only thing that will change the effectiveness is getting the second vaccine too early.

“At the end of the day if it’s one day late, or five days late, seven days late, do go and get it as soon as its available to you.”

He said vaccine providers are working to reschedule appointments and encouraged people to stay engaged and still pursue a second dose if their appointment was canceled.

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