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Idaho Opens New One-Stop Covid Vaccine Registration Site

State of Idaho

Idaho officials say the days of time-consuming searches for Covid vaccines in the Gem State are over.

“What we’ve done is created one spot where people can go and they can enter their information and say, 'I’m interested in being vaccinated,'" said Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Director Dave Jeppesen.He says that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to schedule a shot whenever you want. The demand still outpaces the supply. But Jeppesen says the new system will at least give residents one centralized place to register.

Dave Jeppesen: “The providers, when they have appointments available and assuming that person is eligible, either over 65 or whatever the criteria is at that point in time, the providers will then reach out and then schedule those individuals for appointments. It’s really meant to take that frustration out of wanting to get an appointment, not being on a list somewhere and having to come every day or every hour to find an appointment to get signed up.”

The new system is at