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Tidbits About Idaho's Covid "Breakthrough" Cases

Courtesy of State of Idaho

Idaho health officials are learning more about the people who have contracted Covid after being vaccinated for the virus.

Kathryn Turner says the state of Idaho has documented 166 so-called ‘breakthrough’ cases. Turner is the deputy state epidemologist in the state Division of Public Health. She says the 166 figure is point-zero-four percent of the number of Idahoans who have been fully vaccinated.

“The infections are running the gamut as far as age. We have reported cases from 18 to 100 years old. That’s pretty inclusive of all adults. About a third are 65 years of age and older. Another third are in people 40-to-64. The other third are in people less than 40 years of age," she said.

Turner says about 40% of the ‘breakthrough’ cases experience no symptoms. Nearly all of the rest, she says, experience mild to moderate symptoms. Four people have been hospitalized. Turner says all of them were at high risk of getting seriously ill. None of the 166 people have died.

She says there is one surprising finding. “Nearly 90% of our cases are female. That’s a little bit different than the national data. They’re skewed a little female, but nine out of 10 are female.”

Turner says six of the cases were variants of the original coronavirus, four with the California variant, two with the U.K. variant.