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Washington Providers Prepare To Give Covid Vaccine To Children

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The Food and Drug Administration says 12-to-15-year-olds are now eligible to receive Pfizer’s Covid vaccine.

For parents such as Cassie Sauer [sour], the president of the Washington State Hospital Association, the decision about having their children vaccinated is an easy one.“My kids hate their vaccines. They hate them. They get mad every time that have a checkup and they need vaccines. They want to get this vaccine. This is the first time they’ve been like, ‘When can I go? When can I go? Because they want to go do stuff," she said.

Some health care providers are working to create environments where children will be comfortable receiving a Covid shot.

“If you can imagine, especially a mass vaccination site where you’ve got hundreds of people coming into an area, there’s a lot of noise. We need to think of strategies of how to distract. We also don’t want folks coming in and finding kids in distress getting their vaccinations," said Renee Rassilyer-Bomers, the chief quality officer for Swedish Medical Center in Seattle.

She says her hospital is working with pediatricians and others who work with children to make the vaccination environment more pleasant.