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Hot Hot Hot: Spokane Could Break Record For Consecutive Triple Digit Days

Courtesy of National Weather Service

Weather forecasters have warned for days of extremely hot weather headed our way this weekend. Steve Bodner from the National Weather Service said those toasty temperatures will stick around for several longer, threatening Spokane’s record for consecutive days in triple digits.“The longest stretch we’ve had is six days back in 1928. In our current forecast, we have 100 degrees or warmer for a high for eight consecutive days. That would actually break that record. So, from Saturday, this Saturday, all the way out to Saturday in the holiday weekend," he said.

That means a warm Fourth of July as well.

Bodner says there will be little chance for cooling during the night time hours.

“It’s going to be a big issue, especially for those who don’t have air conditioning because even trying to open up the windows at night, you’re not going to get a whole lot of cool air coming in with temperatures only cooling down into the upper 70s, if not near 80 degrees," he said.

Bodner says, even after the peak of the heat, temperatures will be slow to drop closer to normal seasonal levels.

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