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Heat Wave, Thunderstorms to Hit Inland Northwest Over Weekend

National Weather Service

Eastern and central Washington should prepare for an intense, but short, heat wave this weekend.

National Weather Service meteorologist Rebekah Cheatham says temperatures on Friday and Saturday will be close to as hot as they were during the record-breaking heat wave at the end of June.“It’s not quite as bad just because the duration is going to be shorter, but it definitely is something to be concerned about, because we do have those temperatures in the triple digits," she said.

Temperatures are expected rise to triple digits on Friday and Saturday. The hottest temperatures across the region could reach to 107 in the Inland Northwest on Saturday.

“Yes, these are hotter for normal this time of year, just regardless. Normally our maximum temperatures are going to be in the lower 90s, upper 80s this time of year, so having highs in the triple digits is still warmer than usual. It does make a little more sense for it to be in late July, literally July 31st than earlier in the month," she said.

Cheatham said overnight lows will also be higher than normal, and people should take precautions where they can to avoid heat illnesses. Temperatures are expected to cool off due to thunderstorms and rain on Sunday.

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