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Terrain's Bazaar To Return To Downtown Spokane On Saturday

Courtesy of Terrain

One of Spokane’s annual downtown events is returning this year after taking 2020 off because of Covid. We’re not talking Hoopfest. We’re talking Terrain’s seventh annual art bazaar that celebrates local art and artists.

Terrain executive director Ginger Ewing says the event reinforces her organization’s notion that art is not just for artists and rich people.
“It doesn’t matter if you have an art history degree. It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist. It doesn’t matter if you can’t walk into a museum and say, technically, this piece is stronger than this piece and here’s why," she said.

Bazaar is normally held indoors. This year, because of the desire to keep people safe, it will be outside and occupy several blocks of Main Street.

“The booths will be spaced a little farther apart than they typically are. There will be fewer of them, although there’s still plenty to look at and come down and see. Being that it’s an outdoor event, we’re feeling pretty comfortable with all of the guidelines we have," Ewing said.

She says there will be live music throughout the day and family-friendly activities for those who feel comfortable going inside Riverpark Square.

Terrain’s chief operating officer, Jackie Caro, says Bazaar is an event that broadly defines art.

“Ceramicists are artists just as much as visual artists, so when you’re coming down to an event like this, you’re going to find all kinds of art. It’s not going to be what a lot of people think of your traditional art, which is a visual artist piece that you find in a gallery or a museum. This is also functional art, wearable art," she said.

“Local artists are an incredibly important part of our economy and supporting them financially is important, so we wanted to be able to do that in a big way in the heart of downtown in the epicenter of where Spokane does business," Ewing said.

You’ll find Terrain’s Bazaar on Main Street in downtown Spokane, Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm. It’s free and open to the public.