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Health District Vax Clinics Find Success In Ethnic Grocery Stores

Courtesy of Matreshka Deli

The Spokane Regional Health District this week is sponsoring a series of Covid vaccination clinics. Two of them are targeted at non-vaccinated people in the Slavic and Spanish-speaking communities.

Kayla Myers, the health district’s immunization program coordinator, says the events will be held at markets and delis.

“We just thought it may be a good idea to have it be where people go to the grocery store and we scouted out the best days of the week to do it and the best time frames, when do people get paid, all that stuff," she said.

The next clinic will be Thursday from 3:30 to 6:30 at the Matreshka Deli in north Spokane, then Saturday from 10-to-2 at the Michoacana Mini Market in Spokane Valley.

It’s a time when general Covid vaccination clinics aren’t drawing many people.

“You know, in the olden days, just three months ago, we were doing hundreds in a couple hours, but as we’re trying to meet people where they’re at, because of people that have sought out the vaccine have sought it out, and so, this is our new approach," she said.

Myers says, it’s showing promise. During the last few weeks, clinics at the Michoacana Market have vaccinated between 30 and 50 people.

“The owners have been great partners as well, willing to offer gift cards to their store, so if you get vaccinated you can get a gift card to La Michoacana or Matreshka Deli," she said.

The health district will also hold clinics Monday from 1-to-4 pm at East Valley High School and Tuesday from 2:30-to-5:30 pm at Rogers High School. That one is also a clinic for children who need any non-Covid vaccinations that are needed to enroll in school this fall.