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Idaho Governor Threatens To Sue Feds Over Employee Vax Mandate

Idaho Public TV screenshot

Idaho’s governor is no fan of President Biden’s order that many federal employees and contractors be vaccinated for the coronavirus. 

Brad Little is looking into suing the government.Little calls the president’s vaccination order “unprecedented government overreach into the private sector.” He says he’s talking with Attorney General Lawrence Wasden and other state government attorneys to devise legal ways to protect businesses.
Little says he’s been consistent in his position that businesses have the right to decide how to deal with employees who don’t want to be vaccinated, not governments. He says he doesn’t believe the federal government has that right, nor does the state legislature. Some legislators have called for him to call a special session to bar companies, such as hospitals, from requiring employees to be inoculated.
Little says he’s concerned with the president’s tone, which he believes dismisses the concerns of millions of people who have their own reasons for not being vaccinated. He says that order is driving the country further apart, a contrast with his campaign promise to unify the nation. He called Biden “out of touch.”