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2020 Presidential Election Review Comes To Bonner County

Courtesy of Bonner County

The process of reviewing 2020 presidential election results comes to north Idaho on Saturday. Bonner County and Idaho state election workers will do a partial recount of ballots.

The recount was sparked by allegations of voting irregularities by My Pillow founder Mike Lindell. That kicked off a months-long investigation by Idaho elections officials, including Chad Houck, the chief deputy Secretary of State.

“We received letters. We’ve received emails. We’ve received phone calls regarding a supposed set of data that would irrefutably prove that votes had been manipulated and moved from President Trump to President Biden," Houck said.

Trump won all but three counties in Idaho in the 2020 election.

Houck says he and others have been working with counties to review vote counts. Last weekend they reviewed ballots in two of the state’s less populous counties, Camas and Butte, where voting is done on paper ballots and counted manually. Now the review turns to Bonner County.

“I volunteered to be the first county audited because they can work out their details of how they’re going to perform an audit on us and we can verify that, in fact, we are doing it perfectly," said Bonner County Clerk Michael Rosedale.

Rosedale will be joined Saturday morning by Chad Houck and his team. You can watch the proceedings from home. They will be">livestreamed on the Bonner County website.