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Labor shortage: Salvation Army red kettle bell ringers

Courtesy of Salvation Army

The labor shortage has hit many sectors of the Northwest economy. That includes seasonal holiday jobs such as bell ringing at the Salvation Army’s red kettles. Salvation Army Major Ken Perine says, every year, his organization brings on a few hundred volunteers and up to 200 paid temporary workers in Spokane to ring the bells. This year, it has hired only 60% of the number of people it needs and he’s puzzled.

“I really don’t know what at the situation is. I believe it’s the same situation that is affecting many of the employers around town. For some reason there’s a great worker shortage," he said.

This is important to the Salvation Army because its red kettle campaign is one of its big fundraising vehicles.

Perine is now filling the role of job recruiter.

“It’s an easy job," he said. "If you haven’t had a job in a while or if you’re new to the workforce, it’s so good to get out there and to know that you’re participating with us and you’re ringing the bell, but you’re also helping our friends in need.”

The Salvation Army hopes to hire the rest of the workers it needs by the second week of November. You can inquire by calling the organization at 509-325-6810 or visiting here.